An efficient and improved performance for keyword searching in larger databases

Arulmurugan, A., Nandini, R., Jayasri, P., Rahini, E. and Priyanka, B.

Keyword Search is an emerging field and other way of dealing with traditional SQL querying in relational database with larger datasets. Keyword search as possible in co-related database simply you can type in words that describe your research topic and retrieve records containing those search terms. Keyword search enable user to produce result in easy way does not having a detailed knowledge about either schema or complex query languages. At present work on single database use keyword query search but user need to access more than one database. To overcome the problem of solution in advance system on larger database discover information based on user needs and an efficient keyword search algorithm in co-related databases using new novel is DeINIX (Density Inverted IndeX) using to reduce memory space which will clearly show the actual result also it displays keyword search (top-notch) with ranking top-of-list-10 and Final outcome of this method answers queries more accurately, memory space to retrieve a quality answer and execution time is less.

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   Vol. 07, Issue 02, February 2017



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