Efficacy of flaxseed in the reduction of blood cholesterol in hypercholesterolemia rats

Pooja Verma and Sunita Mishra

From time immemorial traditional medicines have been utilized by human society for improving the health care. In this study, anti hyperlipidemic effect of flaxseed was studied. The present study was conducted on white albino rats. The rats were fed with high fat diet for the induction of hypercholesterolemia for 30 days. The hypercholesterolemic rats were administered with roasted Flaxseed powder of 250 gm (low dose) and 500 grams (high dose). Supplementation of flaxseed for 42 days produces significant reduction of serum Total-cholesterol and in body weight reduction in hypercholesterolemia induced rats. Flaxseeds were administered at dose of 250grams and 500 grams as low dose and high dose. After treatment of flaxseed for 42 days it is confirmed that Flaxseed powder incorporated in the diet is considered as effective agent for reduction of cholesterol.

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