The effect of tv advertising on mutual fund buying behavior: A study based on aida model

Kishore Bhattacharjee and Rohit Kumar

The basic purpose of advertising is to attract attention among the consumers and to persuade them to take action. The main objective of this research is to investigate the effectiveness of TV advertising using the AIDA model for mutual fund products in the city of Patna. A cross sectional-descriptive design has been applied for this purpose and data have been collected from192 mutual fund investors from various areas of the city. It has been assumed that TV advertisements are not effective/ very effective in creating awareness, interest, desire or action among the viewers of mutual fund TV ads. The applicability of the AIDA has also been tested in the study. On the basis of extensive statistical analysis it has been found that the impact of TV ads is moderate for mutual fund products. Moreover the applicability of AIDA model in case of mutual fund products has been found positive. On the basis of such findings necessary suggestions have been made to make the TV ads for mutual fund products more effective.

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