Effect of taping along with pnf techniques to improve shoulder mobility in hemiplegic subjects

Bipin Rai, Jimshad, T. U and Anil T John

Background: The application of Kinesio Taping along with PNF technique is yet to measure and also in this method sufficient research seems to be lagging. Objective of the study was to find out the effectiveness of shoulder taping along with PNF technique in hemiplegic subjects. Method: Total 50 subjects who met the inclusion criteria were randomly divided into two groups by purposive sampling making group-A (25) and group-B (25). Pre and post measurement of active range of motion of hemiplegic shoulder and arm component of the Motor Assessment Scale was recorded from both the group and the group-A was treated with Kinesio Taping and PNF technique. Group- B was treated with PNF technique alone.
Result: shows there was an improvement in Pre to Post scores of ROM and MAS for both the groups, but when comparing both the groups, there was a drastic improvement in scores of ROM and MAS in group A when compared to group B with p- value <0.0001.
Conclusion: The result suggests that shoulder taping along with PNF technique is more effective to improve the mobility in hemiplegic arm.

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