Effect of inclusion of research projects on academic outcome of medical undergraduate students

Dr. Deepti Shrivastava, Dr. Sandeep Shrivastava, Dr. Alka Rawekar and Dr. Priyakshi Chaudhry

The number of undergraduates involved in research activities is very less in Indian medical Colleges. Usually they are focused towards their academic performance and find research activities as time consuming and totally extracurricular. In this study we tried to observe any
positive or negative effect of doing short term research on academic performance and at the sametime we tried to obtain students' personal views on doing research
AIM: We focused on analyzing the effect of research on academic performance of undergraduate
Medical students.
• Their academic scores before and after doing short term research projects
• Their perception about research
• Idea of further upgradation of undergraduate research programme according to them
CONCLUSION: In India, undergraduate medical research is far from satisfactory. Amongst various approaches to improve it, Indian Council of Medical Research Short-term Studentship (ICMR STS) is a very popular programme among medical students.
Undergraduate students are mainly focused for academics and research projects didnothavevery significant improvement in academic outcome ,although interest in particular topic was definitely increased. Students find problems like lack of time, neglect of routine studies and deterioration of clinical skills due to more time being spent on research activities, by giving more credit and benefit in examination and better guidance can motivate them further towards critical thinking and analysis

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