An economic valuation of managed roundwood in the Region of Marajó, in the sState of Pará

Antônio Cordeiro de Santana, Mário Miguel Amin, Nilson Luiz Costa, Ádamo Lima de Santana, Marcos Antônio de Souza Santos

The aim of this study is to estimate the economic value and marketing margins of round wood from managed areas. A positive economic value indicates economic viability of the activity. Besides generating a positive margin, in the case of this supply chain, the values are relatively higher than those generated by competing agricultural activities that are contributing to Amazonian deforestation. This result leads to the restructuring of the forest industry, by integrating the portfolios of decision makers and agencies. The results indicate that the average economic value of extraction and sale of standing timber, on the local market, is R$ 28.46/m3, which shows a minimum value of R$ 18.47/m3 for the species of the C4 category (white wood) and a maximum value of R$ 92.25/m3 for species of the C1 category (special wood). Thus, for a flow of 30 years and an extraction rate of 25 m3/ha, under the managed forest transition areas in the State of Pará, an average value of R$ 688.75/ha is expected. This result is relatively higher than the values obtained from extensive livestock farming (around R$ 180,00/ha) and grain crop cultivation (around R$ 420.00/ha), which are largely responsible for Amazonian deforestation. The results also show a higher profitability than for areas that have been reforested with paricá (Schizolobiumamazonicum (Hber) Ducke), that generates a value of R$ 192.26/ha. The marketing margin shows that about 12.4% of the economic value generated from the timber’s supply chain transition contracts is appropriated by society. Additionally, the mean rate of unfolding of 36.2% (2.76 m3 of logs for each 1.0 m3 of lumber) indicates poor technological advancements, which threatens enterprises’ market competitiveness.

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