Development of new solvent system for separation of seminal protein

Munish Mishra, Ratna Srivastava, Lav Kesharwani and Nidhi Sharma

The identification of semen is often an important issue in the investigation of rape and other crimes involving sexual assault. The most commonly used procedures for semen identification focus on the visualization of sperm or of prostatic acid phosphatase activity. Methods involving the visualization of spermine, choline, or semen antigens are used less often. In this research paper developed 9 solvent systems were used for the separation of seminal protein such as Chloroform : Acetic acid: Acetone, Acetic acid : Acetone, Acetic acid: ethanol: Acetone, Acetic acid: Normal Saline, Chloroform: Methanol, Methanol: Ammonia, Acetic acid: Methanol, Acetic acid: n- butanol: Water, Nitric acid: Ethanol. Out of these solvent systems it was found that Acetic acid: Acetone gave better result as compare with conventional solvent system (1NHCl).

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