Demonetisation-a fling to indian economy

International Journal of Development Research

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Demonetisation-a fling to indian economy

Priyanka R Trivedi, Dr. Krishna R Rajput and Barkha R Trivedi


Demonetization is a word or an action that has clipped up the Indian economy. it is a sudden stop in terms of currency avability. As around us we can feel the positive and negative vibes similarly demonetization has build up a positive as well as negative impact on our Indian Economy. This paper basically highlights what demonetization has brought in our economy. Paper deals with various issues, aspects and opinion regarding demonetization. The paper brings in the limelight various driving factor of demonetization, analyze the factors and evaluates citizen reaction for the same. Apart from this paper focus on the real impact that our economy is facing in course of demonization and the impact that economy will face after demonetization.

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