A concept of dustavrana (non healing ulcer)-a review

International Journal of Development Research

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A concept of dustavrana (non healing ulcer)-a review

Dr. Ganapathi Rao, I., Dr. Naikar Ashok, Dr. Biradar Vijay, Dr. Halli Chandrakanth


The destruction / break / rupture / discontinuity of body tissue / part of body, is called Vrana.” The healing of wound or an ulcer is the natural mechanism of the body. Naturally wound will heal in one week if no Doshic invasion (infection) takes place. Presence of infection is one of the important factor which impair wound healing. A healthy wound heals with minimum scar as compared to infected wound. Classics of Ayurveda especially Sushruta has elaborately explained details of wound and its management. A clean wound in a normal body heals earlier as compared to contaminated wound. Wound healing is mechanism where the body attempts to restore the integrity of the injured part. Several factors affects the process of wound healing like contamination of wound, vascular insufficiency, foreign bodies, infection, malnutrition, Immune deficiency diseases like diabetes mellitus, and excessive use of steroids etc.

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