A complex social theory to the analysis of the social hipervariability

Augusto Renato Pérez Mayo and José Alberto Hernández Aguilar

In this article the elements of crisis of a sociology are described, which deserves the emergent possibilities of new logics to understand the complexities through the concepts and categories different to the own nature of the social discipline, it means, elements coming from cybernetic the logic and the biology among others. It is presented the possible biological predictions in the integrated proprieties of the architecture of the social theory, which will have as a result a discourse based on the theories coming from the biology called by us organic social theory, as a future social science: it is made evidence the substitution of the concept called social variability as a normal component of the traditional societies, and its switching to a concept social hipervariability as a characteristic of nowadays societies emergent or in risk. It is reflected about the new object of study of the sociology. At the time of using a new theoretical object, which as a central object of study conjecture the social as well as the organic, noticing that its object of basic analysis must be the social hipervariability (not the confused complexity by Luhmann, as an object of study. The social hipervariability as a dynamism, as an excess of possibilities, as a presence of multiple choices as a predominant difference, as a space, where predominates the relationship n in front of any kind of mechanic determination.

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