Compensation and official performance in government and non-government organization

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Compensation and official performance in government and non-government organization

Dr. Ilham Abbas, S.H., Dr. Syamsuddin, M.M., and Dr. Zulkarnain Umar


This research aims at knowing the important of human resource in an organization and the importance of good compensation to increase performance. Human resource is managing other resources as such almost every organization states that human being resources is the most important assets for an organization. As one of the elements of production, human being has the highest position of other elements such as capital and machine. Although, human being has a unique characteristics which has an active personnel characteristics, many uses intuition dynamics even sensitive as well as manager or users the two elements, namely, capital and machine to produce certain output. To obtain the wish in fulfilling the needs in which it is considered as encouragers or movers for someone to do something, including doing a job or work, that is, compensation such as wages, salaries. These are used to organize the gift to officials between organization that gives responsibility, namely, a form of trust that is given by the organization to its officials to complete task. Therefore, human being is positioned as an element which is very special by every organization, because human beings would be encouraged to work and would increase their productivities..

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