A comparison of residents’ attitudes toward supporting tourism development: A Case study of Vangvieng district, Vientiane province, LAO PDR

Souphinh Vongphachanh, Noh Heekyung and Park Changsoo

This paper aim to model residents’ satisfaction for support of tourism development expansion based on the factors found to influence residents’ satisfaction, and to compare between two groups of residents’ attitudes toward supporting of tourism development expansion. Social exchange theory was used and support for tourism development model with hypotheses concerning eight paths was also proposed. Data was collected in the 4 villages of the Vanvienng District, Vientiane, and Lao PDR. The model and hypothesized paths were tested. IBM-SPSS Amos 21 was used as an analyzing tool. All variables were tested utilizing CFA with maximum likelihood method of estimation in combination with two step process. The multi-group model and moderator analysis was also applied for comparing attitudes between two groups of residents who reside in different areas. The findings reveal that residents’ satisfaction of tourism development was influenced by perceived positive socio-economic impact. Meanwhile environmental impact was found to have an insignificant relationship with satisfaction, and the support for the tourism development expansion was influenced by satisfaction with the future guarantee of tourism related jobs and employment. Between two groups of residents’, attitudes of satisfaction and support for the expansion of tourism were found to be affected by different factors.

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