Comparative analysis of alkaline protease production by solid state and submerged fermentation

Dr. Nagesh Malik and Vaibhav Shinde

Enzymes produced from microorganisms that can survive under extreme pH could be particularly useful for commercial applications under high alkaline conditions. In this research project comparative analysis of solid state fermentation and submerged fermentation is carried out, in order to find out which is better of the two. Fungal isolates were screened for alkaline protease production on Skim milk containing agar plates and identified by clear zones of protein hydrolysis around colonies. Totally four fungal isolates were used in primary screening, out of these, one which gave maximum zone, was selected for comparative study of alkaline protease production by solid state and submerged fermentation. Standard media was used for the alkaline protease production and it was observed that solid state fermentation showed almost double the activity than submerged fermentation. This enzyme was found to have optimum activity at pH 10, at pH 11 and pH 12 the enzyme activity was found to decline marginally. Solid state being the cost effective fermentation process with the high activity and high pH range, can be used on the commercial level.

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