Clinical assessement of ‘Bhaishajya sevan kaal’ as per Ayurved modality W.R.T. ‘Malavshtambh’

Deshpande YogeshwarNilkanth, Joshi Dnyanesh Sudhakarrao, KandekarSudhirMoreshwar and Ginode Atul Govind

Ayurveda has its unique concepts and methods to deal with the disease. These concepts are as useful in present context as they were 5 thousand years back. Bhaishajya sevan kaal(Times of oral administration of medicine) is one of these concepts which is very unique & plays important role in treatment of any disease. Charak has mentioned 10 different Bhaishajya sevan kaal(Times of oral administration of medicine) with their indications and uses (Yadavaji Trikamji et al., 1984 ). While going through these Bhaishajya seven kaalas (Times of oral administration of medicine) we can observe that, this concept is totally different from the concepts advised by modern health science. Malavshtambh (Constipation) is one of the manifestations of Apan vayu vikriti which is very usual problem in society.Thousand of patients are prescribed Anuloman (laxatives) medicine daily. In modern science laxative medicine is generally prescribed Hora Somni the bed time. But according to Ayurveda as it is Apan vayu vikriti medicine should be taken at Apan kal(Oral administration of medicine) i.e. before meals (Ibidem, ?). For checking of more effective time of drug administration, oral Anuloman (Laxative) drug in Apan kala has been given to one group and in H.S. to other group and results were assessed. Anuloman medicine (laxatives) proved to be more effective in Apan kaal (Oral administration of medicine before meals) than Hora somni i.e. at bed time. Believe that Ayurvedic Practice can be successful if we use concept of Ayurveda rather blindly following modern medicine.

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