Bottling the blue gold- worries in the water sector

International Journal of Development Research

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Bottling the blue gold- worries in the water sector

Dr. Sheeba, V. T.


Availability of water in the desired quantity and quality at the right time and place has been the key to the survival of all civilizations. Water is the lifeblood of humanity and ground water is the drinking water source of last resort. Ground water is present in underground aquifers which are subject to annual recharge from precipitation, but the rate of recharge is impacted by human interference. The water table has been falling rapidly in many areas across the country in recent years largely due to withdrawal for agricultural, industrial and urban use in excess of annual recharge apart from increased domestic use. The decline in quantity and quality of water reduces productivity of eco system. The corporatization of water and its exploitation by the bottled water firms become relevant in the light of such water crisis faced by the world. India is the tenth largest consumer of bottled water in the world. The fast and exponential growth of the bottled water industry gives a clear snapshot of corporate conquest of this precious resource. Though a water rich state with 44 rivers, above 50 lakh wells and over 3000 small streams, water industry has flourished well in Kerala. There are more than 150 firms selling bottled water in Kerala. With hotels, offices and institutions opting for packaged drinking water for their daily needs, demand has grown by leaps and bounds. Majority of bottling units are dependent on groundwater and cause acute water stress in the areas in which they operate.

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