Automatic profle cutting machine

International Journal of Development Research

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Automatic profle cutting machine

More Abhishek, More Akshay, Mulik Pradip, Virkar Laxman and Shahapurkar, A. S


Now a day’s manufacturing industry are continuously developing. Many types of equipment are used to work easily like computerized motion control, advanced cutting system, logical software program in order to achieve the mass production rate and to grab quality of standards in today’s competitive market. In automated profile cutting of sheet metals of different thickness this machine will provide required shape after the cutting operation is over in a precise manner and reduced processing cost. This machine is portable as it can be transferred easily from one place to another which makes it a reliable and user friendly device. As compare to different cutting machine available in the market this machine required a much lesser capital cost which makes this mechanism an economical for small and medium scale industry. In this machine a profile template is provided which will be able to cut sheet metal in any shape i.e profile required. As this machine is meant to provide a copy of template profile. The mechanism includes simply supported, hinged supported arms joined together with a nut and bolt arrangement with bush provided in it. This will be able to move according to the template profile by using a dc motor.

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