Application of mesh for a supermesh analysis method

International Journal of Development Research

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Application of mesh for a supermesh analysis method

Mohan, B.S., Sharanya, K.B. Sindu, N., Hemanth Kumar, N. G. and Shamanth G Bharadwaj


Any circuit however big or small, liner or non-linear, ohmic or non-ohmic follow Kirchhoff’s current law (KCL) and Kirchhoff’s voltage law (KVL), using these laws along with some other techniques to determine the currents and voltages in a given circuit. Supermesh is applied, if current source is common to more than one mesh current. In this paper, for a given circuit, suggesting an alternative method for supermesh. The alternative method is applicable for planar circuit. The circuit is redrawn such that the current source is not being common for more than one mesh current .i.e. in altered circuit one among the mesh current is equal the magnitude to current source (based on direction the value is assigned). Circuit unknowns, branch currents and Vx at first are found using any one these laws seconded by redrawing the given circuit and applying mesh analysis rather than supermesh. The number of equations to solve will reduce. For given circuit theoretical calculations are carried out and validated by simulating for both methods over pspice9.1 student version environment. Comparing the result, the alternative method can be used instead of supermesh provided the circuit is redrawn in planar form.

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