Actors - fishing gear and production of fisheries resources of the marine artisanal fisheries landed in Abidjan - Côte d'ivoire

Gooré Bi Gouli, Konaté Soumaila and N’ZI Konan Gervais

The artisanal productions of the maritime fishing resources were studied in three landing-stageof Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) from May to October 2014. Artisanal maritime fishing in Cote d’Ivoire is exclusively practiced by the Ghanaians Fanti, Ewé and Ningo ethnics groups. The most dominant age class is 25 - 40 years old, which accounts for 62% of total fishermen, followed by those of 17- 25 years old (33%). The fishermen over 40 years old represent 5% of the total number of fishers. The unloaded resources are distributed between 16 families and 26 fish species and one species of Mollusc. In terms of fish families, Scombridae with 8 species and Clupeidae (3 species) are the most represented. The pelagic species constituted by blue marlin (Makairanigricans), swordfish (Xiphiasgladius), sharks (Isurusoxyrinchus and Sphyrnalewini) and sailfish Istiophorusalbicans represent an important part in total production of artisanal maritime resources landed in Abidjan. Total production of artisanal maritime resources unloaded in all three landing-stage of Abidjan were 103 171 kg. Abobo-Doumé landing-stage represent more than 78 percent of total weight with 80,688 kg.

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